The Ukrainian portal of resources
                                     of spiritual, mental and physical  development

  The site is created by the Kiev group of self-development "Sangam" as:

- The  "Beacon", or a place for a meeting of people who can be  interested in work of our group,
- An information portal,  covering Ukrainian and other resources of spiritual, mental and physical
- A forum  for dialogue of everybody interested in subjects of a site.
- A board of announcements for seminars, trainings, esoteric journeys, other events,
- News desk  of the literature and music,
- An information desk on tools for transformation, etc.

Ideology: we do not adhere rigidly to any concrete religious or spiritual doctrine, but aspire to
synthetic unification and recognition of all theories, practices and techniques which we manage to
touch. As the vital position it is close to us the Gurdjiev's concept according to which the person
should pay for the existence, actively participating in general maintenance of existence and development in
the universe. The person, while consciously working with itself and bringing the conscious sacrifice for
the blessing of others (time, means, care, help), and voluntary taking up the inconveniences connected
to it and even sufferings, became able to develop the supreme forms of energy, necessary for his/her
spiritual transformation. In this way it may be possible to create  the supreme energy body, capable to
go through death of a physical body, and to harmonize the world around.

Methods of work of the group:
Weekly meetings on which the techniques and the practices, learned on various seminars and trainings
are fulfilled, influence of our practices on a daily life is discussed, and also the metaphorical - spiritual
literature is read and analyzed. As an example, at present we work with hermetic alchemical tradition
which we comprehend at regular seminars of "Atanor" school, we practice a sufi's zikres and whirling
which we are learner in Turkey at Mevlevi order, we exercises a chi kung, taught by master Mu Juj
Chen, other energy exercises, we read and discuss mystical poetry and prose.
We give a great value to work with a sound and music, including alive music, as means of increase the
harmony in group and the universe.

We shall be glad to accept everyone to whom our work is interesting and who wants to share the

                You can reach as at: info (at) or P.O.B. 85, Kiev, 04074, Ukraine